Virgo Candle with three crystals on top of it

Virgo Candle

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285g Hand Poured Soy Candle using only the finest soy wax and fragrance oils. 
This candle burns for 50 - 55 hours and give off the most heavenly scents and are infused with crystals that bring purpose and healing powers suited for each star sign. 
These crystals sit on the surface of the candle and can be left throughout the wax as is melts and as the candle comes to an end, you can wash the wax off with warm water and use as normal. Or, you can remove the crystals from the candle and enjoy the scents that fill up the whole room.
These have been designed to clear out unwanted energies, used for healing according to each power of the crystal, to use during meditation and for deep relaxation. 


An amazing gift too!