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***PLEASE READ*** We need to let you know that our all of our products are for spiritual support only, not prescription or healthcare information. None of our products are substitutes, nor intended to be substitutes for medical advice, treatments or diagnosis. Our products are presented as spiritual support ONLY. Please do not ignore medical treatment if needed. For medical assistance please seek the advice of a medical practitioner or healthcare professional. 


*If you are under the age of 18, please ensure you have the supervision of an adult present at all times during the smudging process*


Smudge Sticks


Open the windows in each room you are smudging. This allows positive energy to enter and negative energy to leave. It also allows the smoke to escape. 

Hold your smudge on a 45-degree angle. Using preferably wooden matches, light the tip of your smudge stick. If it does not light easily, gently pull apart and fan out the tip of the herbs a little. Once it is lit, blow out the flames and allow it to smoulder. YOU DO NOT WANT A FLAME, just a light smoke.

It is recommended to smudge yourself first before you smudge the room. You may smudge yourself or another person, by waving the smouldering stick from side to side, feet to head and from front to back of the body. You can also hold the stick and slowly start spinning and moving it from high to low so that the smoke wraps around your body. During this process, think or say positive thoughts prayers or intentions. For example: 'I cleanse my body and soul of all negative energy and fill it with love and positivity.'

To cleanse or purify the room, move clockwise around the edge while waving the stick up and down near the walls and up into the corners, thinking or saying positive thoughts, prayers or intentions. For example: 'I cleanse this room of all negative energy and fill it will love.' Feel free to say whatever positive thoughts feel right. Just as powerful is to hold a deep feeling of love for your home.

Once your ceremony is complete, extinguish your smudge stick by either rubbing it in the earth or placing the tip in some sand. (Sand if the best form to extinguish as it is cleaner and allows you to easily use the smudge again.) It is important to store your Smudge stick in a dry place to ensure that it will re-burn easily next time. The Smudge can be used over and over until it is completely burned down. 

You can smudge whenever you feel the need. Some do it seasonally. You may do it any time you feel negativity, whether it's in your home or feel yourself being more negative than normal. 

Our smudge sticks release the most beautiful earthy scents and removes stale odours.




When you first receive your crystals, it’s a good idea to clean them as they have been manufactured and handled by a number of different energies. First clean your crystals with either a sage stick or run them under water with a pinch of salt. Ocean water is wonderful too. (Please note that some crystals don't actually like water so please be sure to follow as each one is different.)

Now grab your crystal and hold it in your hands and either think or say out loud positive requests what you want from these powerful crystals. For example: 'Dear Crystal, I want you to help me relax or feel confident.' or ' I want you to help me find a good job that earns me this much and I enjoy going to.' or ' I want you to help me heal.' It can be anything you want. It is important to be as descriptive as possible.

You can write your intentions on a piece of paper, fold it and place your crystal over it. The more you describe how you want to feel, the quicker it will manifest with your crystal. 

You can sleep with your crystals and ask them to show the answers you need in your dreams. You can place them on your correlating chakra and meditate with them. You can keep them in your car for protection or in your office. 

It is important not to share your crystals with others. If someone touches them, make sure you cleanse them. Your energy should be the only energy on them. 

It is so important to charge your crystals. You can do this my placing them directly under a full moon. Whether its on your window seal or outside, but must be in full view of a full moon. You can also charge your crystals by placing them in the ground or garden. Water is not only a cleanser but also recharges the crystals. Some crystals fade in sunlight, so please be aware not to put these crystals in direct sunlight.

If you misplace or lose your crystal, take this as a sign that they needed a break or it's work with you has been completed. 

It’s important to give your crystals TLC and they will give it back to you. Just like you, they are energy. 



We have designed these Luxury Crystal Infused Candles to ensure they actually work for you. Before light the candle, we have made it easy for you to remove your crystals so you can cleanse, charge and put your energy into them. Please for the Crystal Care Card that comes with each order. After cleansing, simply place the crystals towards the edge of the glass, away from the wicks and light. After the candle is finished, you can simply melt the wax off the crystals with warm water and keep them for their healing powers. For best care of your candle, keep wicks cut short after every use and allow wax to melt to the edges with an even surface before extinguishing.



These necklaces are gold coated stainless steel. Do not wear in water. Do not wear during exercise and avoid sweat. Apply sprays and moisturises before wearing the necklace.

These are our recommendations on how to use our products. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.